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Planet Parent

The World's Best Ways to Bring Up Your Children

By Mark Woods

ISBN: 9781908281807


Who are the best parents
in the world?

And what are their secrets?

From morning sickness to tricky teenagers, fussy eaters
to iPad addicts, the core challenges facing parents are
the same all over the world – “ but how each country
deals with them is astonishingly different.
In Planet Parent, Mark Woods looks in every corner
of the globe to find the very best parenting tips and
techniques. He gets the lowdown on potty training
success in China, learns why French kids eat vegetables
rather than throw them and discovers how much screen
time Apple boss Steve Jobs allowed his children.
The result is a funny, fascinating book which will
be an invaluable source of wisdom and advice
for parents everywhere.

Twitter: @PlanetParent



Imprint: White Ladder