Pregnancy: the Naked Truth

By Anya Hayes and Hollie Smith

ISBN: 9781910336168


Pregnancy: the naked truth is a refreshing alternative to the medical pregnancy tomes. It is down-to-earth, funny and honest, guiding women through each stage of pregnancy in a practical and reassuring way. It deals with issues other books may avoid, and answers questions you’d want to ask your best friend:

– I got drunk before I knew – is my baby ok?
– What’s an episiotomy?
– Are piles inevitable?
– Can I still have sex when I’m huge? And will I enjoy it?!

Aimed at ‘modern girls’ – women who may be concerned about the effect of a baby on their lifestyle, bodies and careers, as well as excited about the next step in their lives – the book supports you through your pregnancy journey.


Imprint: White Ladder