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The Crimson imprint focuses on producing specialist books that give practical advice on building businesses as well as workbooks to help improve lifestyles and mindsets.

Trotman is one of the UK’s leading publishers of careers and higher education books. We have produced a consistently wide range of comprehensive, high quality and up-to-date books for over 50 years.

Pathfinder Guides have been the definitive companion to the highways, byways, hills, moors and coastline of Britain for 25 years. With over 70 titles in the series they offer essential information for walkers throughout the country.
Written by expert and local authors, the Time Out City Guides are must-have travel companions that give advice on all there is to know about food, attractions, art, culture, shopping and nightlife.
White Ladder publish parenting and family health books providing sensible and impartial information. Our titles, written by experts not only address important issues but also explain facts to allow our readers to choose the right approach for them and their family.
Pocket Bibles are a series of best-selling pocket sized gift books packed with practical tips, great trivia and handy advice. Whether you’re a gardener, a cook or a dog lover we have the Pocket Bible for you!


Since 1991, Trailblazer has been publishing an expanding range of titles covering travel to some of the world’s most interesting, exciting and varied destinations. The title list is growing all the time, and comprises several categories: British Walking Guides, Rail Guides, Trekking Guides and Adventure Travel Guides.

Meet Our Authors

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Mark Woods

Mark Woods is the very likeably funny man you’d want to sink a few pints down the pub with. With a background in journalism, and a stint writing for the award-winning Monkey and Al ad campaign, Mark joined Comic Relief in 2003 and is Head of Creative and Chief Writer.

Karen Holmes

Karen Holmes is a managing and training specialist. She has written extensively for the education market, including study modules, education packs, a number of careers titles, as well as articles for magazines and journals on careers development.

Tristram Hooley

Tristram Hooley has a complex working life. He is variously the Director of Research at The Careers & Enterprise Company, Professor of Career Education at the University of Derby and a professor at the Inland Norway University of Applied Science. This means that he spends a lot of time on trains and planes, which gives him a lot of time to think and write about careers. He has published over 100 books, papers and articles on careers and related subjects, including You’re Hired: Job Hunting Online. He is also the author of the Adventures in Career Development blog.

Rachel Fitz-Desorgher

Rachel has spent the last 30 years working as a midwife, infant feeding consultant, active birth teacher and parenting consultant. Always more interested in the parent-baby relationship than “catching” babies, Rachel co-created Henley Birthcare, a unique freelance midwifery and doula service offering bespoke care. She teaches other midwives and lectures on infant feeding and tongue-tie. Her approach to feeding, soothing and parenting babies is unique, practical and hugely successful.