Baby Names 2020

Find the perfect baby name – with over 8,000 to choose from!

By Eleanor Turner
ISBN: 9781910336588
Pages: 336
RRP: £6.99

Choosing a name for your baby is really exciting – it can also feel like a huge decision that you’re terrified of getting wrong!
Never fear: we bring you the very latest news, trends and inspiration in Baby Names 2020.

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Updated annually, Baby Names is the UK’s bestselling naming book and includes:

  • Advice for new parents and new naming trends sweeping the nation
  • The latest royal and celebrity choices
  • Practical tips on choosing a name and dealing with family expectations
  • Predictions on next year’s hottest names


Author Eleanor Turner has given a Tedx Talk all about Baby Names. Watch it below:

About the author

Eleanor Turner

Naming enthusiast Eleanor Turner has penned over 18 bestselling baby names books. She regularly writes for the parenting media and is often interviewed in the press as a baby names expert. Eleanor has two sons, Owen Henri and Jasper Owen, and a daughter named Josie May.

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