Bloody London

A Shocking Guide to London’s Gruesome Past and Present

By Declan McHugh
ISBN: 9781780590691
Pages: 176
RRP: £6.99

London’s strangest and scariest people and places are brought vividly to life in this walk through the capital’s dark side. Featuring serial killers, psychopaths, gangsters, ghosts and martyrs, here are fifty true stories from all corners of the city guaranteed to chill your bones.

Category: Crimson 

Where did the real Jack the Ripper live?

Which pub in London has been used more than any other by serial killers picking up their victims?

Where was the capital’s Gladiators’ Arena?

Where in London did Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, live as a child?

Jack The Ripper (and 15 other London serial killers!), the Krays, Aleister Crowley, Ruth Ellis, Doctor John Dee, Sach and Walters the baby farmers – all these characters and more are covered in Bloody London, a unique and terrifying walk through the dark, gore-drenched streets of the capital. A must-have for fans of crime, horror, the supernatural and the simply bizarre, Bloody London will also show you:

• Sites of executions and unsolved murders

• London’s creepiest cemeteries

• Where famous horror authors lived and worked

• Where the Plague originated

• A haunted church

and many other locations…

London’s dark and shocking secrets are laid bare in this compendium of true stories. We dare you to look inside…

About the author

Declan McHugh

Declan McHugh is the originator of the hugely popular ‘Blood and Tears Walk.’ He has been scaring the socks off Londoners and visitors for 14 years and is an acknowledged expert of the city’s dark side as well as a natural storyteller.