First-time Mum

Surviving and Enjoying your baby’s first year

By Hollie Smith
ISBN: 9781908281111
Pages: 272
RRP: £10.99

First-time Mum is the most refreshing, honest and reassuring guide that every mum must have to help them survive and enjoy their baby’s first year. Brimming with practical advice, this handy book tells mums all they need to know; from how to change a nappy and deal with crying to how to cope with being a mum.

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Why won’t my baby stop crying? Will I ever lose this baby weight? How can I get a decent night’s sleep?

Who am I – Help?!

A new baby doesn’t come with an instruction manual but it feels like it should! It can be utterly terrifying when you bring your baby home for the first time, and nothing quite prepares you for the joys (and sometimes, horrors!) yet to come. First-time Mum addresses all your worries and gives you the practical advice you need to start coping wonderfully with a new bundle of life at home, including advice on how to:

• Bond and play with your baby (the fun bits)
• Cope with tiredness and feeling like the living dead
• Identify your baby’s cries and stop tears
• Feed your baby and make sure he/she is happy and healthy
• Adapt and cope with life at home and the (sometimes) dreaded return to work!
• Understand your emotions and the change in mum/dad relationships

About the author

Hollie Smith

Hollie Smith is the author of 10 successful parenting books including First-time Mum. Hollie is a parenting author and she’s also a mother of two.

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