Teenagers Explained

A Manual for Parents by Teenagers

By Megan Lovegrove & Louise Bedwell
ISBN: 9781905410712
Pages: 208
RRP: £9.99

Insightful and practical guide for parents about how to raise their teenage son or daughter. Written by teenagers themselves, they reveal exactly what’s going on in their mysterious minds; from how to deal with issues about sex and drugs to how to communicate and also what NEVER to say to your teen.

Category: Whiteladder

Teenagers Megan and Louise reveal what your teen’s thinking!

If you’re a parent and can’t quite remember what it’s like to be a spotty teen with raging hormones and you feel like this generation of ‘yoofs’ is like a different species, then Teenagers Explained is just what you’re looking for!

Teenagers Megan and Louise dish the dirt on what they and many other teens really think about life; from school and social networking to sex and drugs, so that you know what’s really going on (stuff they may be too embarrassed to talk to you about). They also include loads of tips and advice including how to:

• Understand your teenager and improve communication
• Deal with low self-esteem and issues with confidence
• Cope with rebellious behaviour
• Talking to your teen, including the S-E-X talk with minimal embarrassment

Unlike other parenting books written by ‘grown ups’ Teenagers Explained is a genuinely engaging, interesting and insightful read – written by the true experts, the teens themselves.