The Camping Pocket Bible

Every camping rule of thumb at your fingertips

By Caroline Mills
ISBN: 9781907087134
Pages: 192
RRP: £9.99

This practical but fun pocket guide contains all the need-to-know facts about camping. An ideal gift, it provides a unique mix of reference information, practical tips and trivia for first-time and experienced campers alike. From how to light a campfire in the rain and how to pitch a tent to ideas for great campfire games and unusual camping locations.

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How do you light a decent campfire? What can you do if it rains? And what exactly is ‘glamping’?

Find the answer to all these and more inside The Camping Pocket Bible, a camping gift full of camping tips and trivia for the first-time and the experienced camper alike – whether you know your A-frame from your I-pole or are still trying to work out your bivvy from your billy. From the basics of pitching a tent and lighting a campfire to fun ideas for the more experienced camper, you’ll find all the essential information you need to know about camping in this one handy easy-to-read guide.

Inside The Camping Pocket Bible discover the enduring popularity of camping from Baden Powell and the Scout Movement to the resurgence of ‘staycations’ today. Dip in to ideas for fantastic food you can cook on a camping stove or barbeque, learn campfire songs and make sure you’ve got all the right camping equipment to make sure you have the best camping holiday.

Taking your kids camping? Find out the extra camping equipment you need and be prepared with camping friendly games and activities to keep the kids entertained. Looking for a more unusual romantic getaway? Discover some of the more unusual types of ‘tent’ available – from gypsy caravans and log cabins to double decker buses and vintage American caravans.

The Camping Pocket Bible also includes fascinating trivia about how camping has developed since the very first campsites, innovative tips on what to do if (or when?) it rains and information on wild camping through to yurts, bell tents and other luxury camping ideas as made famous by celebrity ‘glampers’ Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Jamie Oliver. Inside, you’ll find out where you can enjoy camping complete with the luxuries of iPod docking stations, and wood burning stove, as well as learn how to deal with mud, lack of showers and hangovers with your very own festival
camping survival guide an.

The Camping Pocket Bible also contains useful details on the Countryside Code, basic first aid and camping etiquette and hygiene and offers ideas about how to get yourself in the camping mood with some classic camping films…

Small, durable and perfectly designed to be carried on camping trips, make sure The Camping Pocket Bible is a firm fixture on your camping checklist.

‘I’ve had 20 years of jet-setting around the world, but nothing beats a simple camping holiday in the UK with my husband and two small boys.’ Sarah Beeny

‘To look at the birds, go hiking, camping and jogging and running, walking along the beach, playing games and sometimes being alone with the great outdoors… It’s very special to me.’ Larry Wilcox

‘All I need is a beautiful view, a tarpaulin on the ground, a bedroll and a small fire.’ Saba Douglas-Hamilton
‘Is it weird, taking my Louis Vuitton bag camping?’ Jessica Simpson

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