The Cook’s Pocket Bible

Every culinary rule of thumb at your fingertips

By Roni Jay
ISBN: 9781905410484
Pages: 192
RRP: £9.99

The Cook’s Pocket Bible answers every ‘on-the-spot question’ that even the most experienced of cooks may have, making it a vital source of information. It covers cooking times, how to rescue recipes that have gone wrong, and quick ideas for meals.

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Even the most experienced cook has questions. After all, no one (with a life) can remember everything they need to know when they’re in the kitchen, from how long a 16lb turkey will take to roast, to which bits of a dragon fruit you can eat. But where do you go for the answers? Until now, most of us have had little choice but to phone a friend. But what if they’re out? Or they’re the one you’re trying to impress with your classic vegetable soup (what does the recipe mean by julienne?), or poached salmon (how do you rescue a curdled hollandaise?), or your fluffy meringues (what were the proportions of egg white to sugar again?).

This book puts the answers to all those on-the-spot questions right at your floured fingertips, including: What’s the best way to carve a shoulder of lamb? What proportion of fat/flour/milk goes into a white sauce? Are these leftovers still OK after two days in the fridge? Can you substitute crème fraiche if you’ve run out of fromage frais? What can you serve vegetarians for Christmas dinner? This book will be indispensable to all enthusiastic cooks (and reluctant ones too), and save hours combing through standard cookbooks for the particular snippet of advice you need.This beautiful hardback edition has both dust-cover and gold embossing on the spine making it the perfect gift. Every Pocket Bible is lovingly crafted to give you a unique mix of useful references, handy tips and fascinating trivia that will enlighten and entertain you at every page.

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