The Little NLP Workbook

By Jeremy Lazarus
ISBN: 9781854585721
Pages: 176
RRP: £6.99

A hands-on guide to using neuro-linguistic programming, The Little NLP Workbook is packed with thought-provoking exercises to help readers understand NLP and develop effective NLP techniques. Explaining NLP step-by-step, readers will discover how to get better results in all areas of life and develop a mindset for success.

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A pocket-sized introduction to essential NLP principles and techniques you can apply to your life today.

The Little NLP Workbook is a practical guide full of simple neuro-linguistic programming exercises to help you take your life in the direction you want. Packed with interactive questions, checklists and exercises so you can write down your answers there and then The Little NLP Workbook is designed to be simple, yet thought-provoking, enabling you to learn how to use NLP quickly, easily and effectively in your everyday life.

As an interactive introduction to NLP, The Little NLP Workbook explains what NLP is, what it involves and how you can use NLP to:

  • Set and achieve goals that are truly right for you rather than getting stuck
  • Develop the mindset that all successful people have
  • Enhance your ability to communicate and influence
  • Overcome everyday challenges
  • Instantly feel at your best

Written by a certified NLP Master Trainer, The Little NLP Workbook is for anyone looking for a highly practical introduction to harnessing the power of NLP, helping you to set and achieve the goals you really want and overcome the typical challenges that we all face.

Core NLP processes are fully explained with accompanying easy-to-follow exercises, allowing you to improve your communication and apply NLP techniques to your own situation. The Little NLP Workbook is also structured as a handy guide that can be revisited again and again to refresh your memory, or when your life circumstances change.

Concise, pocket-sized and easy to digest, The Little NLP Workbook will help you understand the benefits of NLP, give you expert tips and advice on how to put into practice NLP techniques and achieve your goals sooner than you expect.

About the author

Jeremy Lazarus

Jeremy Lazarus is a certified NLP Master Trainer as well as a business performance coach with over 20 years’ experience. He runs his own NLP training company where he teaches people to harness the power of NLP. His clients range from blue chip companies to elite athletes and celebrities.

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