Weaning Made Easy Recipes

Simple and tasty ideas for spoon-feeding and baby-led weaning

By Dr Rana Conway
ISBN: 9781908281746
Pages: 224
RRP: £9.99

150 healthy, tasty recipes for both traditional purees and baby-led weaning so parents can choose what works best for their baby, plus simple weekly meal planners, nutrition advice and foods for each stage of weaning.

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Weaning Made Easy Recipes is full of tasty recipes and family meal ideas to suit all babies, toddlers and approaches – from traditional purees to baby-led weaning. Whether you find that your baby loves being spoon-fed, only wants to feed themselves, or you want to try a mixture of both, Weaning Made Easy Recipes provides you with a range of fresh home-cooked recipes that include mashed meals, weaning recipes with pasta, finger foods and family favourites, to make mealtimes enjoyable for everyone.

Whether you’re a first-time parent, trying to find weaning recipes for your 6 month old or a busy mum of three, Weaning Made Easy Recipes takes the stress out of weaning, bringing you:
150 healthy and simple dishes
Food charts of what foods to introduce and when
Weekly meal planners for a varied and balanced diet
Clear dos and don’ts and FAQs for each age
Recipes suitable for food allergies or intolerances

As well as tasty and healthy recipes author Rana Conway provides clear and simple advice in this brand new weaning book through each stage, and covers common problems you may encounter, such as introducing lumpier food or how to deal with fussy eaters.

Rana is a registered public health nutritionist, specialising in healthy eating during pregnancy and childhood for over 20 years. She has created each dish to contain the nutrients your baby needs for healthy growth and development, helping ensure your child gets a balanced diet.

About the author

Dr Rana Conway

Rana Conway is a Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) and a member of the Nutrition Society. Over the past 20 years, she has established herself as an expert in nutrition for pregnancy and childhood. She has carried out nutrition research at leading universities, and gained a PhD in 1997 for her work with pregnant women.

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