Weaning Made Easy

All you need to know about spoon feeding and baby-led weaning – get the best of both worlds

By Dr Rana Conway
ISBN: 9781905410699
Pages: 256
RRP: £10.99

Giving a refreshingly balanced view of the different baby weaning methods, this expert-led guide is written by a nutritionist with 18 years’ experience. It explains in detail each stage of the process, giving unbiased advice and providing solutions to common problems, as well as presenting other mothers’ experiences.

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Baby-led or traditional puree weaning?

Should you wean by spoon-feeding or rely on baby-led weaning?

Weaning your baby can be a daunting prospect, and the advice you’ll receive is often confusing and contradictory. Should you follow the traditional method of introducing pureed food, or should you bypass purees altogether and try baby-led weaning with sticks of carrot? What is best for your baby?

With over 18 years as a nutritionist, Dr Rana Conway is here to guide you through this sticky (and messy) subject. With established weaning methods clearly explained including spoon-fed and baby-led weaning, Weaning Made Easy brings you a practical, realistic and down-to-earth approach to weaning, to give you methods that really work.

Weaning Made Easy uses the best of each method, to bring you the most practical and useful weaning advice available. With mealplans and recipes for each stage, she takes you through your baby’s weaning development – from what foods to try (and avoid) in the first six months to moving your baby onto family meals and solid food.

Dr Rana answers all your questions:
• When should I start to wean my baby?
• Is there a risk of overfeeding my baby if I use traditional weaning?
• Is my baby likely to miss out on important nutrients if I use baby-led weaning?
• What do I do if my child keeps throwing up his food?
• My child keeps choking – should I stop trying baby-led weaning?

Weaning Made Easy supports you throughout the whole weaning process, and includes honest, reassuring accounts of other mums’ weaning experiences with their babies or toddlers. It will give you the confidence to get through the journey from purees and milk to solid food.

This is your complete handbook to Weaning Made Easy.

Also available: Weaning Made Easy Recipes

About the author

Dr Rana Conway

Rana Conway is a Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) and a member of the Nutrition Society. Over the past 20 years, she has established herself as an expert in nutrition for pregnancy and childhood. She has carried out nutrition research at leading universities, and gained a PhD in 1997 for her work with pregnant women.

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